Month: June 2017

4 Effective Email Marketing Techniques

To make sure you’re using the right techniques to generate click-throughs and increase sales, read on and learn about the four email marketing techniques you need to be using right now!

1. Subject Lines are Everything
When an email shows up in your customer’s inbox, the first thing they read is the subject line, which will determine whether or not they open it. A lot of companies know the importance of subject lines, but forget that using generic ones, like “75% off body care”, tend to get your emails sent straight to the trash folder without being opened. The key to subject lines is to keep them short and vague, to entice the reader. An excellent example of this was President Obama’s email fundraising campaign when he used subject lines such as “Hey” and “Wow.” This approach contributed to Obama raising $690 million for his campaign. While this is quite an extreme example, keeping your subject lines short and sweet will intrigue customers and increase your open rate.

2. V.I.P. Treatment
Your customers subscribed to your mailing list for a reason. More than likely they probably thought by signing up they would get exclusive content that was just for them. So offer them something that is just for email subscribers! They will not only feel valued and appreciated as a customer, but they will likely stay subscribed and click through your future emails to see what exclusive deals you’re offering them.

3. Use Customers’ Names Carefully
We’ve all seen the warnings about various scams that are being sent via email, which has caused customers to become wary of emails that use their names. Don’t fret! You can still be personable, and even mention their name, without causing them any worry. Instead, focus on your customers’ purchasing history or demographics. For example, Groupon sends personalized emails based on suggested products or deals previously purchased by that specific customer. This makes the email more customized and shows them that you know them better than a scammer would. It also makes users more inclined to open their emails and see what deals might interest them.

4. Mobile Friendly
These days everyone has a cell phone, and mobile email is now more popular than any other platform, especially when users are out of the office. According to Hubspot 2017 Marketing Statistics, “two-thirds of emails are read on either smartphones or tablets.” So when the emails you send out are not mobile friendly, that customer is likely to delete them, or even worse, unsubscribe. Before sending out an email to subscribers, ensure it is optimized for mobile and watch your click-through rate soar!

Although we haven’t heard much about it recently, email marketing is still an extremely effective way to boost your sales, as well as your engagement with your customer base. There are a variety of techniques to use when it comes to effective email marketing, so test different ones and find out what works for you. Good luck!