Key Components to Branding Your Business

Branding is more than just your logo, and the same can be said about what goes into branding.

Now that we know why you should brand your business let’s focus on the key components you need. Like we discussed in our previous blog about why you need to brand your business, branding is more than just your logo, and the same can be said about what goes into branding. There are several key components that go into branding that will grow your engagement and brand recognition. Although one of them is your logo, it’s not the only thing you should focus on. So, read on to learn three key components that we think you need to do when branding your business.

Develop a Killer Tagline
It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, from Tim Hortons to Blowpro; every business has a tagline. Why should your business be any different? Your tagline is how your target audience will remember your company and what it’s all about. For example, Blowpro’s slogan is ‘the blowout experts’ because they want their customers to remember they’re the pioneers of blow-dry bars and have the best tools to give you the best blowout. So develop a killer slogan that is memorable and meaningful, but most of all make sure it embodies who you want to be known as and the essence of your brand.

An Eye-Catching Logo
I know I’ve been preaching that branding your business is more than a logo, but having an eye-catching logo is still an essential component when it comes to branding. A logo contributes to how you set yourself apart from your competitors and gives your audience something to associate your brand with. Just remember that it’s not the only thing you need to do when it comes to branding and creating brand recognition. A logo is just a logo, when you don’t have the other aspects such as vision, voice, and reputation, to make it create brand recognition.

Your Voice
Visuals are beautiful and well, visually appealing, but they won’t make your customers loyal to your business. Your voice and reputation are what creates customer loyalty. Your voice is a reflection of you and your business, so decide how exactly you want to be perceived and incorporate it into every aspect of your brand and business. Not only will this show your target audience who you are, but it will also create an emotional attachment to your brand.

Branding your business will only benefit you in the long run, and there are more than three key components to doing it right. So do your research, and discover what will work for your business when developing your brand. I promise you that once you brand your business, you will notice a difference. Happy researching, and stay tuned for our final post in the series!