Bronte Family Orthodontics

Client Summary
Our client was in need of an updated website and comprehensive marketing plan to keep up with increasing competition in the Town of Milton.

Services Provided

  • Strategic marketing
  • Media plan
  • Logo design
  • Site design
  • Print design
  • Photography
  • Video production
  • Social advertising
  • PPC advertising
  • Web management
  • SEO
  • Content creation coaching
  • Newsletter design




Bronte Family Orthodontics have been serving the Milton community for over a decade, providing their clients with expert orthodontic treatments, and best of all, a personal touch. They have distinguished themselves from competitors through a welcoming environment and a family-oriented customer experience. Their goal is to make achieving a beautiful smile a stress-free process for busy families, focusing on an experience that is comfortable, effective and transparent.


Since the Town of Milton has transformed into a rapidly growing commuter city, Bronte saw an increase in their customer base to that area. This growth also increased competition, making it necessary for Bronte to create a detailed marketing plan that reflected their business goals and targeted their ideal client. Their previous branding and website did not effectively convert visitors into leads, collateral material felt unpolished, and overall, it lacked original content.

Rise in
new clients
in sales
Bump in
site traffic


Sway proposed to modernize the Bronte experience with consistent and polished brand imagery that would distinguish them from their competitors and define their ideal client. This overhaul included a rebrand, a new website, and the creation of media content. Using these new materials, Sway created an online and offline marketing plan that targeted their ideal client. This new branding provided viewers with a clear and memorable image of who Bronte Family Orthodontics is. The website effectively informed potential clients about services and processes, while calling users to book a consult through a simplified contact form submission. This combination of a new identifiable logo and cohesive visual brand elements was designed to connect with these families in the Milton area.


After the implementation of this comprehensive marketing plan, Bronte saw a drastic improvement in conversions, and subsequently, their sales. In the first three months alone, they experienced a 21% increase in client consults and a 27% increase in new clients. Based on this average value per converted client, they saw a $97,500 bump in sales. Bronte also had over 150 leads through their new website in the year following the launch.

For advertising, Bronte saw success through a variety of channels. Within three months, the company saw $32,500 in sales through social media advertising, costing them a total of $845. Sway also created a commercial based on the Bronte experience, which saw 50,000 views in that three month timespan. Through pay-per-click ads, Bronte saw 1,800 targeted link clicks – for the cost of $630, they gained an increase of $65,000 in sales.

Through these campaigns and the resulting drastic increase in Invisalign sales, Bronte went from Entry-Level to Premium Invisalign provider status in those short three months.