Park Avenue Homes

Client Summary
Park Avenue Homes needed a website and brand refresh that was upscale enough to match their high-end offering of custom homes.

Services Provided

  • Logo Design
  • Rebrand
  • Truck wrap
  • Web design
  • Videography
  • Photography




With over 20 years of experience in homebuilding, Park Avenue Homes’ mission is to build beautiful, valuable and high-end homes with the family in mind, all the while maintaining a high standard of craftsmanship. Located in the North GTA, they specialize in custom built homes and residential development within Ontario.


Park Avenue Homes needed to rebrand in order to measure up to the lavish look-and-feel that their company was built upon. The company was looking for a clean and identifiable logo that conveyed the image of elegance and modernity. They also needed a website that allowed potential customers to see all of their offerings, from their assortment of luxury homes already built in the GTA, to the potential for a fully custom designed and built home. Park Avenue Homes needed to provide a high-end web experience to enrich their catalog of high-end homes.

increase in
page views
in leads
in 3 months
Increase in time
spent on site


Sway undertook a rebrand of Park Avenue Homes, which included the design of a timeless and recognizable logo that connected with the company’s brand identity in a way that suggested a high-level of taste. Sway also designed and launched an organized website that was informative to site visitors and matched the new elegant Park Avenue Homes branding.

This website made it possible for visitors to view and filter through home models to find one that would meet their needs and budget. It also featured custom design options available for visitors looking to build from the ground up. We ensured that the website contact forms were easy to use so that all leads would be able to send an inquiry to Park Avenue Homes without any hassle.

As the market for luxury homes is limited, Sway produced a video walkthrough of one of the more extravagant models in order to convey to viewers the detail and craftsmanship that went into a Park Avenue home.

Finally, Sway designed a vehicle wrap for the Park Avenue trucks that was consistent with their digital branding in order to increase exposure in their geographic target market.


The new Park Avenue Homes website showed a significant improvement in user behaviour on the site. People began to spend more time exploring the models available and learning about the different Ontario communities that the homes inhabited. Average web session duration increased 66% after the improved site was launched, and the bounce rate (percentage of viewers who exit the site without interacting with it) decreased from 58.9% to 22.9%.

Pages viewed increased by 173%, and we could see from the followed paths that people were comparing and contrasting the models before ultimately submitting a contact form to inquire about the selected home. Due to the fierce demand for these homes, they were sold out quickly, with inquiries still incoming through the website.

The video walkthrough of 235 Park Avenue lead to the sale of the home for $1.3 million, and with an average of 39 leads per month each valued at over $300,000. The return on investment for Park Avenue Homes was astounding.