Shaw Road to the Grey Cup

Client Summary
Shaw needed to promote their Road to the Grey Cup campaign and increase Canadian engagement with the Grey Cup through original content and strategic marketing.

Services Provided

  • Photography
  • Creative treatment
  • Video production in conjunction with Wasserman Media Group
  • Creation of all original production used in on-site activations




First awarded in 1909, the Grey Cup is the trophy awarded to the victorious football team in the CFL championship game. As the first ever sponsor of the Grey Cup, Shaw initiated Team Shaw and the Road to the Grey Cup campaign in order to generate awareness and excitement for the 2015 CFL championship.


With annual viewership in decline in recent years, Shaw needed to expand the overall involvement of Canadians with the Grey Cup. Sway needed to create original content and put it in front of the proper target demographics in order to increase exposure. Sway also needed to get people excited about the Shaw Road to the Grey Cup, and to raise the viewership and engagement of the Canadian audience with the CFL championship game.

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Through Shaw, and in partnership with Wasserman Media Group, Sway developed and executed a strategy to expose Shaw Road to the Grey Cup to a large Canadian audience, especially those who were likely to convert into Grey Cup viewers. Using the creative method developed with Wasserman Media Group, we produced original film and photography content for Road to the Grey Cup which matched the CFL brand identity and resonated with the following of Canadian football fans. This content was distributed through a number of outlets, including the Road to the Grey Cup website. These outlets further engaged Canadian fans with the 2015 Grey Cup, as they could now follow their favourite players through exclusive online content.


In 2015, the first sponsored Grey Cup championship saw an average audience of 4.3 million viewers. Based on these numbers and other relevant audience data, nearly ⅓ of all Canadians watched all or part of the 2015 Grey Cup game. These stats showed a 15% increase in viewership compared to the previous year, which is a significant change. This campaign reinvigorated the Canadian community of football fans, and drew attention to Team Shaw and Road to the Grey Cup 2015.

Our on-site activation films, along with other content that we produced, were successful in creating excitement at the event itself, showcasing players from Team Shaw and getting the spectators further engaged with the Road to the Grey Cup project.