Weed Away

Client Summary
After 4 decades in the industry, Weed Away needed a branding update and a marketing plan to differentiate themselves from heavy competition. They also needed a new website to better convert visitors into clients.

Services Provided

  • Marketing plan
  • Logo Design & Rebrand
  • Truck Wrap
  • Web Design
  • PPC Advertising
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • PR Management
  • Email Newsletters
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Management




Weed Away Lawn Care has been proudly serving the regions of Halton and Peel for over four decades. As a trusted family-owned lawn care provider, they have spent time applying their expertise and knowledge to each and every lawn they service. They focus on families and problem-solving to ensure their clients’ lawn ailments are solved so they can enjoy family time outdoors.


Since Weed Away had been a mainstay in the industry for many decades, they were in need of an updated logo, a fresh brand identity, and a new marketing plan to re-connect them with their target market. Ultimately, they were in need of an identity that would distinguish them from their competition. Since Weed Away had such vast experience in the lawn care industry, they needed the support of original video and written content to better share their expertise. Since their previous website was cluttered and difficult to navigate, it made the user experience clumsy, and made it difficult to convert clients online. Weed Away was in need of a well-organized site that was optimized to convert leads into sales. They also needed help creating crucial points of contact with their clients in order to increase customer satisfaction.

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sales increase
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To help our client stand out, we provided Weed Away with a revitalized logo and branding package. We used their company values to build a brand story which incorporated a family focus they had emphasized for many years, and added new, modern elements to make them stand out from their heavy competition. To support their brand, we produced original photography and videography to be used in advertising and marketing materials.

To increase sales, we created a new website that was clean, easy to navigate, and was optimized to convert visitors. We also started a variety of PPC ad campaigns targeted to visitors based on location and search behaviour, with complementary landing pages built to guide leads into sales. We also monitored review sites and points of contact closely to ensure client contentment, which meant engaging with all clients who left reviews or comments, and diffusing unsatisfied customers.

Monthly email newsletters were implemented with content designed to drivetraffic to the new site, and to keep the company in regular contact with their clientele. We created relevant written content via newsletters and blog posts to boost their SEO and position them as industry experts. Finally, we ensured their social media outlets were active and provided content that appealed to their clients. We advertised using these social media outlets during peak seasonal times.


Once the new marketing strategy and website were launched, we saw immediate results. The optimized website was successfully guiding visitors through the desired paths to conversion points. Visitors started engaging with the written content and we saw a large increase in web traffic. In the four months following the launch of the new website, there were 702 conversions through the site, compared to the 98 conversions in the previous year. This 616% increase in conversions resulted in $175,500 in additional sales over that time period.

Our PPC advertising campaigns were extremely successful, bringing in 362% more conversions in four months than the previous period, for only $160 in added spending. We reduced the average cost-per-click from $2.10 in 2015 to $0.90 in 2016 by closely monitoring and augmenting the PPC campaigns and targeting the desired locations and demographics more specifically. Through social media, we were able to narrowly define our target market and create a visual campaign that received 1,176 clicks in a four-month period. With an average cost of less than $0.30 per lead, social media proved to be an effective method of putting the Weed Away message in front of an audience looking for their services.