Sway Advertising Commercial

As multidisciplinary marketers, our team at Sway was enthusiastic to create a branded commercial in order to “sway” our audience.

Since we specialize in video production and know that engaging video content will increase conversion rates and turn visitors into buyers, we wanted to create a custom animated video that would instantly grab the attention of potential clients.

Our team at Sway is far from your typical corporate marketing team, and our goal with this video was to determine a concept that would fit well with our personal brand. We decided to create an animated video that would set a specific mood and would align well with our Sway values. Since the illustrations had a freehanded style and casual tone, we added in a dapper businessman as the main protagonist. This contrast was intended to represent the duality of Sway’s professionalism and our laid-back approach to our company culture.

To complement the overall style, we chose a muted and retro colour scheme to set a specific mood. On top of that, the copy was written to be very adjective-heavy and packed with action words, which visually translated into animations that quickly changed the scenes in a dramatic way. This contrast between colours and scenes was intended to capture the interest of our viewers.

To bring our ideas to life, we worked closely with our animation team from concept to completion. It began with a detailed creative brief and back-and-forth storyboarding to solidify the tone and visual elements, which was a process that wasn’t without several refinements along the way. Through our creative collaboration, we were able to take all these elements and give them life through motion of the characters, backgrounds, and objects. In doing this, we created a piece that expertly captured the creativity, collaboration, and flexibility of the work we do here every day.

The resulting work was an animated video with high visual interest and a casual but professional tone. All of these elements came together to bring our passion to “sway” our audience to life.